My name is Matthew Chapman,


I'm a martial arts student (for over 30 years) a full-time school owner (for 15 years) and an author (for the last 5 years) I started Black Belt Biz because I was constantly being asked by friends and colleagues about how to set up and run a successful and profitable martial arts school.


I'm lucky because over the past 15 years I've made every business mistake possible but have managed to stay open and profitable every year. So any problem you are currently experiencing I've had to solve as well.


I've had it all, dodgy landlords, floods, losing 70 students in one month, massive tax bills I couldn't pay, numerous staff problems, competitors opening across the road. I've seen it all and overcome it all, so I speak from real experience (unlike a lot of other business coaches out there)

My mission now is to help other Martial Arts school owners to grow their school successfully without having to experience the many painful mistakes I had to go through. If you follow my advice you will save yourself so much time, effort and money. 


I currently have two books on the business side of martial arts instruction. You can check them out here:




They cover the basics of running a successful school with the minimum of stress. Once you have read and applied the concepts covered in the book I would advise you to attend one of my one-day training sessions where we go into extreme detail on topics such as marketing, staff training, using social media effectively, syllabus design for retention, getting your website right to maximise enquiries and lots more. These events are held every couple of months near my school in Loughton, Essex. 


Go here to find out more about Black Belt Biz Events: 





Please feel free to contact me via the contact details below, send me an email or hit me up on Facebook. I'm here to help you grow your business and have lots of fun on the way....

To your success



Black Belt Biz