More Students, More Profit, More Fun​

Black Belt Biz is a manual for struggling Martial Arts instructors.


Written by full time Martial Arts Instructor, Author and Business Coach Matthew Chapman, it focuses on how to build a successful and profitable Martial Arts School.


Many Martial Arts instructors are frustrated by how difficult it is to grow their school to a point where they can drop their day job and teach Martial Arts full time.


This book is written to provide a structured plan that if followed will enable Martial Artists to create a strong stable business that goes from strength to strength


It includes chapters on


1. The 10 core concepts for running a successful martial arts school

2. Effective marketing for martial arts schools

3. Tips for keeping students training for as long as possible

4. Customer service tips

5. Dealing with complaints

6. Syllabus design for retention


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Cost effective marketing ideas for martial arts schools
















Martial art schools are like leaky buckets.


As a result of your marketing and advertising, new students pour into your bucket. Over time these students start to leak out of the holes in the bucket.


Classes get quiet and numbers drop. So what do you do?


You pour more students in the top of your bucket. 

The cycle begins again and continues year on year.


The secret to building a successful and profitable school is to keep pouring a steady stream of new students into your bucket and to plug the holes in the bucket.


If you do this, eventually your bucket overflows and you have a rather wonderful problem. You will have too many students for your school.


This book gives you 99 ways to get more students in your bucket...


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