A short while ago, I was hanging out with a martial arts instructor friend of mine. I was talking to him about hundreds of the awesome things he could do to grow his business.

After listening to me for a few minutes rant about referrals, retargeting, birthday parties, he stopped me dead in my tracks and said:

"I don't want a bigger business. I've been there and done that... I want a lifestyle business"

Intrigued, I asked him what he meant.


He told me how he'd escaped the corporate world a few years ago. Despite having the type of money most people dream of, his former job consumed all his time and made him desperately unhappy.


After a serious breakdown, he quit his job and set up his martial arts school to focus on what was truly important to him.


All he wanted from his martial arts school was to:



He loves martial arts and wanted to spend his time sharing that passion with other like-minded people.



He wanted more free time. More time to train, more time to spend with family & friends, and more time to enjoy life.



He's been very well off and realised all he needs is enough money to provide a comfortable life for him and his family.



He wanted the flexibility to choose when and how he worked. If he didn't want to teach one day, he had staff who could cover him as needed.


Above all else, he wanted a lifestyle that he could enjoy with minimum stress.



And I believe around 80% of Martial Arts Instructors Want The Same Thing...

Over the past few years, I've had the pleasure to talk with hundreds of martial arts instructors around the U.K. about their business. The overwhelming majority of those instructors (I reckon around 80%) want the SAME thing.

They want a business focussed on quality of life rather than making megabucks aka a "LIFESTYLE BUSINESS"

It's all about more free time, less stress and enough money to live well.


The Martial Arts Business Journey 


While we like to think of ourselves as individuals but most instructors follow a predictable journey from student to school owner. Once you understand this journey, you can work out where you are and where you want to go.


The model below shows you the typical journey for most instructors. Just like anything, you start at the bottom and work your way up. Most people stop at a particular level because they feel comfortable or they lack the skills to progress any further.







The Student

The base of the pyramid is where everyone starts. You are honing your craft and developing your martial arts skills. You're probably training to test for your black belt or may be involved in an instructor training programme at your school.

The goal of this level is learning.


The Journeyman

This is typically a black belt instructor who's now opened their first class or school. EVERYTHING is hard at this phase.

You'll be teaching all the classes yourself, doing all the marketing, the admin, cleaning the toilets and countless other tasks. You always feel like you fighting fires, and you struggle to keep the momentum going.

The goal of this level is survival.

The Professional

By this stage, you've made all the mistakes of a journeyman and hopefully survived. You are older wiser and have built a thriving school with a small group of assistants helping (or sometimes not). Your school is larger and has a consistent core of students, but you're STILL doing a lot of the work yourself.


The goal of this level is growth.


The LIfestyler

At this level, you have started to implement systems to take some of the stress off of you. You have devised a certified instructor training program and have staff and support roles (bookkeepers, accountants, legal, design). It's at this level through systematisation, staff & support that your school becomes a lifestyle business.


The goal of this level is systemisation and support.



The Empire Builder

You've seen it all AND done most of it. You have a few nasty scars and many tales to tell. You've built a large school and possibly started satellites, franchises, or you're setting up an association. This level typically requires more from you personally as you manage your ever-growing empire. It's not entirely as hands-off as a lifestyle school.


The goal of this level is wealth building.



Lifestyle Business vs Empire Builder


As you can see, there are fewer people in each level as you go up the pyramid. That's typical because most instructors lack the business skills to move up through the levels.


When you look at this model, there are only really two places you'd want to be


1. Lifestyle Business


2. Empire Builder


And let's be honest, most instructors don't have the desire or business skills to build an Empire.


In fact, most instructors want a lifestyle business!


And that's when I realised that's exactly what I'd done on my own journey. I built my academy to a point where it effectively ran itself, provided me with a good income, and lots of free time to pursue my other passions (like Mittmaster.com)


Don't struggle as I did...


I remember how stressful and downright painful it was to build my school. Endless early morning starts and late-night finishes, all the time wondering how I was going to pay the bills that month. Before I figured it out, running my school had nearly destroyed and love of martial arts.


I don't want other instructors to suffer as I did.


Instead, I want to help other instructors build their lifestyle business quickly and avoid the countless sleepless nights I had.

My Martial Lifestyle Model is will help you do that.

The Martial Lifestyle Model is designed to help instructors from the amateur, journeyman, and pro levels to quickly create a sustainable lifestyle business.

Learn at your own pace anywhere in the world...

My first thought was to run a weekend seminar where I share the model in all its glory. However, I quickly realised the people who needed it most, probably wouldn't be able to attend because of other commitments.

My next idea was to run the training via webinar over a weekend. However, the sheer volume of content I'll be covering would be like drinking from a fire hose and totally overwhelming for most people.

After much deliberation, I found the perfect solution.

The Martial Lifestyle Module will be taught online via a series of 8 webinars, once a month starting on February 2nd, 2020.

• This means no one needs to travel

• It means you can watch the recordings if you miss a session

• It also gives you time to implement the strategies I will teach you and feedback to me

• It means you can attend regardless of where you live in the world.



Should you sign up?

That depends... if you want to create a lifestyle business, but don't have any idea how to achieve it quickly then ABSOLUTELY!

Here's how it will work...

Each month we get together via a webinar, and we focus on one core area of the MARTIAL model. 

Month 1: Marketing (without customers you don't have a business)

Month 2: Automation (how systems will save your life and help your business grow)

Month 3: Retention (martial arts schools are like leaky buckets, let's plug all those holes)

Month 4: Teamwork (if you are going to do everything yourself you don't have a business you have a job, you need a small team all pulling in the same direction)

Month 5: Investment (You need to re-invest in your business to help it to grow)

Month 6: Action (what do you need to do every day to build a lifestyle school)

Month 7: Lifestyle (how to structure your business so that it serves your lifestyle)

Month 8: Creating your MARTIAL lifestyle, problem shooting & moving forward

Each month will include a downloadable workbook you can print out and work through live on the webinar.

What’s the investment?

We're going to cover A HUGE amount of essential information for school owners on this course.

If we did this course one on one this information would cost you £1000's.

However, I also realise that if you are at the bottom of the pyramid, you probably don't have that type of money to invest.

So I've decided to make this first MARTIAL LIFESTYLE course available for only £99 for the first 15 people who sign up.

After that, the price will double to £199.

I've kept the price intentionally low to keep it within the budget of instructors who need it the most!

If you want to build a lifestyle business


That frees up your time, is less stressful to run & supports your family now is the time to act.

Sign up below

(First 15 places are £99, the price will increase to £199 after that)

To your success


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