Let’s be honest, most martial arts instructors don't understand marketing

And why should they? It has nothing to do with martial arts training but has EVERYTHING to do with running a successful martial arts business. If you run a school, (and charge students to attend) I believe you have a responsibility to fully understand marketing. 

Instructors who don’t take this responsibility seriously tend to close their schools, (which destroys their student's trust and negatively affects their willingness to continue with martial arts). 

Understanding how marketing works is a FUNDAMENTAL skill all school owners NEED. 

At its core marketing is about helping people find a solution that solves their pain. We all know that people start martial arts for several common pain/fear-based reasons

1. Fear of getting attacked

2. The pain of being fat, overweight and unhealthy

3. The fear of being physically or emotionally dominated by another person

Understanding the PAIN your prospect feels helps you speak to them on their level and allows you to present your services as the PERFECT solution to their very real problems. 

This is the core of marketing, but it goes a lot deeper than that

Over the last decade, I've spent hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds getting educated in the best marketing techniques available and now I want to share these hard-learned lessons with you.

My three-day webinar "Marketing For Martial Arts Instructors (who don’t understand marketing}" is designed to give you an intensive grounding in the principles of marketing that work online, offline, on paper or face to face. 

The three-day webinar includes coaching on:

  •         Pricing (common mistakes instructors make when pricing)

  •         Positioning, (where are you positioned in your customer's minds and why it matters?)

  •         The Strategy of Pre-eminence (how to get known as the ONLY viable choice in your town)

  •         Self - Promotion (and why being humble harms your school)

  •         Presentation (how EVERYTHING you do is part of your marketing)

  •         The difference between advertising and marketing (and why you need to know the difference)

  •         How to generate a continuous stream of consistent referrals (with little effort)

  •         The Power Parthenon Principle (a simple model; that explains why most businesses fail)

  •         Why most martial arts schools struggle to get past 100 members

  •         The 6 human needs (and how they are the key to your marketing)

  •         How to generate sales (without being pushy or sleazy)

  •         Risk reversal and why it is essential if you want a large school​

  • ​        Social media marketing (how to create social media content that gets people to TAKE ACTION)​

  •         Why most martial arts instructors fear marketing (and how to overcome that fear quickly & easily)

  •         My "Marketing Matrix" (that gives you a clear& simple plan of what to do every single day to grow your school, serve your students and make a fantastic living).  

I will teach you these concepts over three days from 1.30-2.30pm each day via webinar (so no one needs to travel)

You will also get access to the recording of the webinars and the slides so you can refer to them at anytime

My goal is that by the end of the third day you will have a complete understanding of the 10 key marketing principles and how to use them in your school to find, recruit and keep students. 

In fact, I'm so confident that what I will teach you will revolutionise your understanding that I’m offering my first ever money-back guarantee.


If after the first day you don’t feel like you have got your monies worth, I will refund you there and then.


Just send me a message and I’ll get your money back to you the same day!


Here are the details you need to know

WHEN: Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th February 

WHERE: Wherever you want, its a webinar

TIME: 1,30 pm to 2.30 pm each day (don’t worry if you miss a day as you get lifetime access to the recordings)

HOW MUCH: Only £99

WHAT WILL I GET? A truckload of awesome tools, tactics, and concepts that will help you grow your school!

WHAT IF I CANT WATCH THEM LIVE?​ No problems, you get lifetime access to the recordings so you can watch them any time, anywhere


To secure your space click the button below (only 20 spaces available)

I look forward to turning you into a marketing T Rex!