Martial Art Schools Are Like Leaky Buckets.


As a result of your marketing and advertising new students pour into your bucket. Over time these students start to leak out of the holes in the bucket. Classes get quiet and numbers drop.


So what do you do?


You pour more students in the top of your bucket.


The cycle begins again and continues year on year and you wonder why your school doesn't seem to grow.


You spend all of your time advertising and signing up new students but don't seem to get anywhere.


Sound familiar?


The real secret to building a successful and profitable school is to keep pouring a steady stream of new students into your bucket....


AND to plug the holes in the bucket.


If you do this, eventually your bucket overflows and you have a rather wonderful problem.


You will have too many students for your school.


But first, you need to plug the holes in your bucket.


The holes in your bucket are any reason why your students are quitting martial arts. 


They include:


  1. Boredom

  2. Move away from the area

  3. Work

  4. Injuries

  5. Illness

  6. Family commitments

  7. Competitors

  8. Lost interest

  9. Apathy from the instructor

  10. Lack of clear goals

  11. Conflicting goals

  12. Need has been met


Some of these reasons you are unable to influence, like changes in their work schedule or if they move to a different area.


But, the great thing is you can plug many of these holes. 


And the more holes you plug the better your retention and the faster your school will grow.

By the way, it's best to improve your retention before you advertise for new members because it's cheaper and easier to keep your current members that spend money advertising for and educating new prospects.


At my school for example, it typically costs twice as much to find and recruit a new member than it does to keep a current member training.


So I prefer to focus on retention as this keeps my marketing costs down. 


Over the last 20 year's I've tested and improved every retention strategy I've come across and have found 47 that work ridiculously well for martial arts schools.


I will be teaching each of these 47 strategies in detail at this half-day seminar.




Not only will you get the very best retention strategies but you will also get A FREE signed copy of my new book "99 Ways To Get A Student" which covers martial arts school marketing. 




I will give you six months email support so I can help you with any questions you may have. 

Hopefully, you've had a great January and got plenty of new students started at your school. Come to my retention course and let me show you how to keep them.



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TIME:   11am till 2pm

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