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Many instructors feel that marketing is confusing or complex.

They get overwhelmed with all the marketing buzz words, charts, graphs, and theories. 


Many school owners don't know where to start or often second guess themselves even if against all odds, they actually create a marketing plan. 

This is why the Single Page Marketing Plan is needed.


It allows you to cut through the noise and get everything you need on a single page of A4. It allows you to create a plan for your whole school, a single class, a one-off course or even equipment sales.

The problem with traditional marketing plans

If you have ever tried to create a traditional marketing plan I guarantee you probably never finished it for one of three reasons...

1. The process was too confusing

2. It took too much time

3. Or by the time you created it, the situation had changed

What we all need is a simple, quick system for creating a marketing plan that covers the core considerations without adding a load of stuff we don't need. 


The single page marketing plan is different in a number of ways

1. It is very simple to use

2. It doesn't take a long time to create

3. You can use it and test it immediately

The single-page marketing plan is designed to take you through a quick & simple marketing process that gives you clear direction and delivers results fast. 

I've been using the Single Page Marketing Plan for 10 years now both with my physical school and online business and it made planning and executing marketing simple and effective. 

In today's fast-paced social media led world taking quick decisive action is essential to business success. Spending months creating the perfect marketing plan is rarely practical because as soon as the plan is finished it probably out of date.


What you need is a quick, effective and editable marketing plan that allows you to take action quickly and decisively. 

I'm hosting a one-off webinar where I will teach you each step of the Single Page Marketing Plan in detail.


During the webinar, you will follow along and create your own marketing plan for your business or product. You can ask questions (and get answers) at any time.

As part of the webinar, you will also get a template Single Page Marketing Plan which you can download, save and use as many times as you want. 

And you will get lifetime access to the recordings of the webinar so you can refer back to them at any time.

This webinar is perfect for if you,

  • Don't have a clue

  • Struggle with marketing

  • Or tried to create a marketing plan in the past but gave up

By the end of the webinar, you will have a simple system to plan your marketing for your school, classes, and seminars

(And if for any reasons you can't make the live webinar you can always watch the replay at any time and message me if you have any questions)

Sounds good, how much & when?

I've deliberately kept the cost of this webinar low to help as many instructors as possible. You can book your place for only £50 (which includes the template document and access to the recording for life)

The Single Page Marketing Plan Webinar will be held on Monday 10th February at 12-2.00pm.

You can book your place by clicking the button below!