Martial Arts Ad Checklist

Martial Arts Ad Checklist

Run through this checklist when you create any ad to make sure it contains all the essential elements.

This applies to all adverts: text, picture, social media posts, video ads etc.

1. What is your measurable goal?

(i.e. Get enquiries, book free trials, secure paid trials)

2. What response would you need to break-even?

(i.e. how much is your ad expense and how many sales are needed to recoup those costs?)

3. How well is the material TARGETED to potential customers?

a. Precisely describe the target market. WHO are the prospects, WHERE are they, WHAT do they do?, WHY would they need what you are offering? b. Is the overall strategy appropriate? (i.e. are you reaching those people in the most cost effective way?) c. Is the “medium” (e.g. flyer, Facebook ad, press release etc.) appropriate to reach the target market AND meet your objectives?

4. How effective is the headline or opening paragraph?

a. Does the headline or opening paragraph offer the KEY benefits immediately? b. What is the KEY benefit of using your product or service? (fitness, health, well being, safety, confidence etc?)

5. Does the advert have an irresistible offer?

a. If there is no offer…what things can you offer to boost response? b. If there Is an offer…is it irresistible to potential clients? c. Is it well articulated (i.e. can they understand it easily)?

6. How effective is the material VISUALLY?

a. Is the material visually enticing (i.e. does it catch your eye and make you want to keep reading)? b. Does the material include realistic images of your target demographic? (if not, why not?)

7. Is there a GUARANTEE?

a. Do you offer a powerful guarantee to clients? b. If “no” would a guarantee significantly improve response?

8. Is there a clear CALL TO ACTION?

a. Is the reader asked to respond in a specific way (e.g. “call today”, “book a free trial here”)? b. Is the call to action easy to understand and easy to do? c. Is there appropriate URGENCY and SCARCITY (e.g. “offer ends December 1st”, “We only have 20 spaces available”)?

Let me know if you have any questions about this process.


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